Styling | Summer Showers

I hope you’re all well and the summer is in full swing! I’ve been working Monday-Friday so I have been finding it hard to get as many blog posts as I would like up! Today I have something I haven’t done in a while for you all, a styling post! As of late in Ireland we have been experiencing lovely sunny days interrupted with unwanted downpours. With this in mind I have created a post to help you deal with all the different moods that the forecast throws at you, while looking stylish too!

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Product Review |

Recently I was contacted by, who are specialists in affordable jewellery (If you have a soft spot for gemstones you’ll love their stuff!). I had never came across the company before, so when they got in touch I was really intrigued to find out what they were all about and discover their jewellery range. In all honesty, I must say I love their pieces. They are just my style so I thought all of you guys would love to discover their gorgeous products too! Read More »

Wishlist | Summer Styling!

Last night I finished my last ever college exam! It’s crazy to think that I have completed four years of college; it seems like only yesterday when I arrived in UCD. It still hasn’t sunk in yet that I am finished but I’m sure it will very soon as I start a new job in 12 days! Eeck! Due to the fact that I have very little time between finishing and heading into the big bad world, two weeks ago I booked a four day trip to Lisbon. On that note, my inspiration for today’s post is a sort of holiday/summer inspired Wishlist.

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Styling | Festival Favourites

Happy Easter everyone!
In Ireland over the last week we have been experiencing an odd dose of sunshine. It is nice to finally see the sun and the rise in temperatures to replace the wind and the rain.  Taking inspiration from this nice spell of warm weather and Coachella, I have decided to compile a post about my top staple summer festival items. I have decided to choose ten items that will bring you from Coachella to Electric Picnic at the end of the summer. This also acts as a distraction from my studying for my final year exams!

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