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Recently I was contacted by, who are specialists in affordable jewellery (If you have a soft spot for gemstones you’ll love their stuff!). I had never came across the company before, so when they got in touch I was really intrigued to find out what they were all about and discover their jewellery range. In all honesty, I must say I love their pieces. They are just my style so I thought all of you guys would love to discover their gorgeous products too! Read More »

What I Wore | Aztec Blue Blazer

I have been finished college for a week now, time has flown by and I cannot believe I am starting a real grown up job on Monday! Yesterday I got back from a four night relaxing trip in Lisbon. It was my first time in Portugal and I loved it! I took a few outfits photos while away so I will be posting them as well as my regular styling, wishlist and review posts over the next few weeks. But first up, today I have a laid back casual ‘What I Wore’ post from something I wore last week while still in Ireland and enjoying some sun in Marley Park.

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Wishlist | Summer Styling!

Last night I finished my last ever college exam! It’s crazy to think that I have completed four years of college; it seems like only yesterday when I arrived in UCD. It still hasn’t sunk in yet that I am finished but I’m sure it will very soon as I start a new job in 12 days! Eeck! Due to the fact that I have very little time between finishing and heading into the big bad world, two weeks ago I booked a four day trip to Lisbon. On that note, my inspiration for today’s post is a sort of holiday/summer inspired Wishlist.

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What I Wore | Kimono and Florals

I know I haven’t been posting as regularly as I used to, but hopefully that will all change in two weeks. I am currently in the middle of study week for my final year exams so I thought I would give you all a little update and a new outfit of the day post! Life has been a bit of a whirlwind over study week, in between the studying I went for an interview and I have been offered and have accepted a new job in Marketing! I start the end of May, so I plan to have my regular blogging schedule back when I am settled in the new job.

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