Shop | The Savvy Styler on Depop

A few months ago I randomly stumbled across the website and app called Depop. Depop is an online community and marketplace where people can sell or swap some of their much loved or impulse bought possessions. For me it is a fashion resource! For months I have been browsing the app on my phone, but last weekend I decided to join the party and put up some of my pre loved items of clothing up for sale. Things I have been hoarding for a while but in the back of my mind I know I will never wear again! So instead of keeping these items in the back of my wardrobe I have decided to find a new home for them! Read More »

Wishlist | Autumn Handbags

Handbags are one of my many weaknesses. I am already promising myself that for Christmas I will invest in a timeless designer handbag as a present from me to me! (I’m sure I am not the only one!) I believe that a unique or distinctive handbag can instantly transform any look.Read More »

Product Review | inailz

Recently I attended a fashion and beauty networking event in the hope of making a few connections in the fashion industry. There were a lot of interesting people at the event and I happened to get talking to the lovely Wendy and Kate from a new and upcoming Irish company, inailz. Inailz is a company that digitally prints custom patterns onto artificial nails or stickers that you can wear over your natural nails. When I hear about inailz I thought it was an ingenious idea, especially considering you can get anything you want printed on them. This customisation aspect around the idea has endless possibilities!Read More »