Styling | Summer Showers

I hope you’re all well and the summer is in full swing! I’ve been working Monday-Friday so I have been finding it hard to get as many blog posts as I would like up! Today I have something I haven’t done in a while for you all, a styling post! As of late in Ireland we have been experiencing lovely sunny days interrupted with unwanted downpours. With this in mind I have created a post to help you deal with all the different moods that the forecast throws at you, while looking stylish too!

Untitled #49

I have chosen 10 key pieces to help you look summery whilst also combating the elements of Mother Nature. First up I have this light weight fold up parka that is small enough to keep stashed in your handbag which will also keep you looking stylish when the heavens decide to open. It’s also not too heavy so it would be perfect for warm humid days.

Sandals could be a bit messy at the moment; no one wants wet and dirty toes! So I have decided to include these gorgeous flat pumps instead, keep the sandals at home or in the handbag for now! For the rest of the items I have chosen pieces that can be miss matched together to give you a range of choice and hopefully some inspiration for some future outfit options! Due to the fact it is pretty humid at the moment this causes a challenge to dressing as you don’t want to be overheated or wet from the rain. So I hope this wishlist/ styling post solves some of these problems for you guys, I know it will for me!

What do you find yourself wearing during the humid warm days mixed with random showers? Has your umbrella developed a constant home in your handbag? I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts, just let me know below in the comments of via my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great day!

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