Styling | Back To College

So last week I started back at college after the Christmas break and also got my exam results! Initially, I wasn’t happy to go back with the thoughts of results being released and the dreaded build up of assignments. I loved the time off, I had just about one month off and I needed it after the stress of final year exams and assignments. But now I am back for my last ever semester as an undergraduate (hopefully!) and I thought there would be a great time to show you guys some back to basics and some of my favourite college looks and outfit picks.Read More »

Liebster Award | Thank You

Recently I received three nominations for a Liebster Award, if like myself you had never heard of this before let me quickly explain what exactly it is. After a little bit of research this is what I found out, the award is aimed at promoting new bloggers with less than 200 followers. It is kind of recognition and gives new bloggers the motivation to keep blogging whilst finding new blogs to read along the way. I think it is a great idea and I am really grateful to Jenny, Kirsty and Dani for nominating me! Thank you so much it really means a lot to me, it shows to me that my hard work is paying off!

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What I Wore | Topshop Pleather Skirt

Hello Everyone!

Today I have another outfit post for you all, it’s something I wore one of the nights in Amsterdam. The night I wore this we just went for dinner and then to this really nice piano bar that we found randomly when walking around. It was a little hidden gem, we were supposed to go back to the Hotel so we could have an early night and get up early the next morning for sightseeing, but we ended up staying in the place till about half one because the music was so good!

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What I Wore | Airport Travelling

I have been away for the last few days on a little post Christmas break in Amsterdam with my boyfriend. Sadly, I got home last night, I didn’t want to leave, it’s such an amazing and diverse city with plenty to do! I am hoping to do a post soon on our time there and what we got up to, but not today. Today I have an outfit post for you guys; it’s actually what I wore to the airport and the photos were taken while we were rambling around the canals on our first day in the city.Read More »