Zara red dress

What I Wore | Red Flare Dress

Red. It’s definitely one of my favourite colours. It’s vibrant, fun and almost anyone can pull it off. That’s why when I saw this gorgeous red dress in Zara I couldn’t leave it behind.

Zara red dress

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Zara red dress

This look is quite simple as I wanted to focus attention on this red flared dress. I picked up this dress last month from the TRF section in Zara for only €17.99. I opted to pair it with black accessories from Penneys. I got these wedge heels last summer for €18.00 and this cut out design clutch back in March for around €11.00

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If you are feeling the love for everything red like me, why not check out my previous posts featuring this fitted Mango dress I wore for my graduation or this red skirt from Bershka.

What do you think of my outfit?

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