What I Wore | Black and Yellow

Kimonos are my new favourite go to cover up as of choice this summer. I am always really warm, so I find these perfect for the humid and warmer summer air (we did get a little bit of a summer in Ireland a few weeks ago!).

Photo 23-05-2015 13 33 40

Photo 23-05-2015 13 42 46 Photo 23-05-2015 13 43 59

This kimono is something I picked up for practically nothing in a New Look sale last year. I think it was only €9.00 and to me definitely looks a lot more than what I paid for it! Black makes it versatile to be worn into the autumn months too, while the yellow and blue embroidery gives it a little bit more character, allowing you to team it with pops of colour like I have here.

This top is from Penneys, I bought it back in March for around €10.00. It is quite versatile as I find myself wearing it with jeans for a relaxed day time look, but I have also worn it to work a few times with a black pencil skirt, point heels and a black blazer.

Photo 23-05-2015 13 44 13 Photo 23-05-2015 13 44 43 Photo 23-05-2015 13 44 36

Now we just need a little more sun and heat in Ireland so I can start wearing this kimono with summer dresses and sandals!

What is your go to summer cover up this season?

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