Wishlist | Autumn Handbags

Handbags are one of my many weaknesses. I am already promising myself that for Christmas I will invest in a timeless designer handbag as a present from me to me! (I’m sure I am not the only one!) I believe that a unique or distinctive handbag can instantly transform any look.

Recently I came across a recent blog post by Rue lala with a guide to the different types of handbags, designer signatures and how to care for one of your most loved possessions. It even gives a look back at the history of handbags for all the arm candy enthusiasts like myself out there! Looking through this guide confirmed for me that a tote is definitely my go to style in a handbag, although I do have a weakness for clutches! This guide has given me the inspiration to share with you my go to handbag and my top five high-street bags I am lusting after now ( it’s not Christmas just yet, but these will do while we wait!).

Wishlist handbagsZara // Parfois // Parfois // River Island // Zara

Totes allow me to carry all my essential items around with me, from my hand sanitiser, to purse, or the latest book I am reading. Although the handbag I choose does differ from weekdays to weekends. Going to work I carry my coveted black leather Michael Kors with me (check out this post featuring it and what’s in my handbag). The main reason for this is that it is big enough to carry the whole kitchen sink! Everything from my lunch to my heels gets thrown in it.

So what’s your favourite? The clutch, the satchel, the tote? Are you an ‘essentials only’ girl or do you carry the whole kitchen sink with you?

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