Product Review | inailz

Recently I attended a fashion and beauty networking event in the hope of making a few connections in the fashion industry. There were a lot of interesting people at the event and I happened to get talking to the lovely Wendy and Kate from a new and upcoming Irish company, inailz. Inailz is a company that digitally prints custom patterns onto artificial nails or stickers that you can wear over your natural nails. When I hear about inailz I thought it was an ingenious idea, especially considering you can get anything you want printed on them. This customisation aspect around the idea has endless possibilities!

With this in mind, I thought it would be great to show how you matching your nails to your clothes can be an added fashion accessory. I had the idea of getting a pattern from one of my blouses printed onto the artificial nails to showcase how easy it is to accessorise your nails with your outfit . Here I am wearing a graffiti pattern blue, black and white blouse that I picked up in Penneys for around €11 last month. To keep the look simple and focused on the blouse and the nails, I chose to team it with plain black leather look leggings and black Chelsea style boots (also from Penneys).
You can find inailz in many salons across Ireland or you can order them directly from their website for €15. One of the great things is that they have over 500 designs in their database or you can even send them a photo of exactly what you wanted printed on the nails and they will post them out to you! What more could you ask for?!
What does everyone think of inailz? Will you be customising your nails in the future to match your outfits? Thanks again to Wendy and Kate from inailz for giving me the opportunity to review this amazing innovative idea. For more information I am sure the girls would love to help, so why not contact them on or see what they are up to on social media by following them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

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