Winner | Scarlett Fashion’s Best January Bargains Competition

If you read my blog, some of you might remember that back in January I entered my first styling competition for Scarlett Fashion’s Best January Bargains CompetitionI am delighted to say that I won this competition! This means that I get to keep all the clothing items that I featured in my entry that were from the online store Scarlett Fashion. I literally cannot believe that I won this competition, especially seeing that it was the first one I have entered as a blogger! Anyway, I am sure you are all dying to see the clothes I won! If you want to have a quick peek of my entry, check it out here

For my winning look, I chose an outfit that could be easily worn during the day and be transformed into a night time look by throwing the jumper into your handbag. So with this in mind, I went for this cream jewel chiffon blouse*, burgundy owl jumper*, black leather leggings* and this gorgeous navy and black coat*. I felt that this cream embellished top would look great day or night thrown over these leather leggings. I have been looking for a nice pair of leather leggings for a while now (I wore my last ones to death and had to throw them out!), so I was delighted to win these b.young leggings from Scarlet Fashion. To make the look more casual, I decided to match it with this owl print burgundy jumper.

I am so delighted and very grateful that Karen from Scarlett Fashion chose my outfit entry as the winner of this competition! I was in utter shock when I heard the news and I am so happy with the pieces I have received! My favourite would have to be this coat, it’s so gorgeous and I love the velvet bow detail at the back. It makes it a little different and unique. I am really looking forward to wearing these pieces and I am sure I will be wearing them well into the Autumn/ Winter next year! I am never taking this coat off!

What’s your favourite piece here? Karen also sent me a gorgeous quilted navy handbag that will be featured on here very shortly. Thanks to everyone for reading! To stay up to date with my latest posts follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin.

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