How to Style It | The Kimono

Welcome back to my weekly ‘How to Style It’ styling series. I am so sorry that this post is a day late, I have had a lot of college work due this week, so I have found it hard to find time to post! This week I am going to focus on a new staple piece to our wardrobes which I think that we will be wearing throughout spring/summer 2014.The kimono. It’s such a versatile piece of clothing that can be thrown over basically everything to spruce up an outfit. Here I am going to show you how to style it in two completely different ways.

First up is a casual daytime look taking some inspiration from the sunny weather we have had recently. So I thought, why not resurrect last year’s denim shorts for this first look (with tights of course! It’s not that warm yet!). I love denim shorts and I usually try to get my wear out of them all year round by teaming them with some black opaque tights. The look I have created here would also look great during the summer without tights for a nice chilled and relaxing day! This Aztec print kimono speaks for itself so it doesn’t need much effort to make it look stylish. Here, I have accessorised with a delicate blue stone necklace, cute flats and a straw hat.

How to style it | Travelling
Usually in this post I feature daytime and night time looks, but today for my second look I thought I would focus on something a little different. A travelling look! Hopefully, over the spring and summer a lot of us will be travelling and exploring different places, and with mid-term coming up there’s no better time! So here’s a look that would be perfect for travelling, whether you are going to Galway or Spain! When travelling, we all like to stay comfortable and that will allow us to have a quick power nap when the moment presents itself. So for this look, I have gone for this simple black dress from H & M, chunky boots and minimalist accessories (they can be a pain at airport security!).

I hope everyone liked the looks! What’s your favourite? Have you invested in a kimono? Thanks to everyone for reading!

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