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Since setting up this blog about 6 weeks ago my main focus has been on fashion posts. But with the New Year and to add a bit of variety to The Savvy Styler I thought I might try some beauty/lifestyle posts. I have seen a lot of bloggers doing a “What’s in My Handbag” post and I thought it would be perfect for my first post of this nature. If this gets a good response I was thinking of maybe doing a post more related to beauty/lifestyle once a week to add a bit of diversity to my blog! Please comment below and let me know what you think! J


So here it goes! “What’s In My Handbag”?
My handbag is one of my favourite things that I own! I picked it up in the States at the end of the summer and got it for half nothing compared to what you would pay for a Micheal Kors in Ireland! I love it so much and wear it all the time! It’s quite big and bulky so it’s perfect for holding all the essentials that we ladies accumulate in our day to day ramblings. And of course it’s in one of my favourite colours, black!

Day Planner
I’m in my final year of college, so in order to get organised at the start of Semester 1 I bought myself a personal planner so I could keep on top of assignments and applications.
The Facebook Effect
Another Christmas present! I have been wanting to read this book for a while now and was delighted when I received it for Christmas J I haven’t had the time to read it much yet but I am hoping to over the next few days! Has anyone read it yet? What are your thoughts on it?
I like to always carry a bit of perfume with me in my handbag. This one is really handy as it’s quite small and smells great too, it’s from Versace.
Lipstick and Lip Gloss
This lipstick was a Christmas present and since receiving it I have made a permanent home for it in my handbag. It’s a nude tone so it’s perfect for when I’m not wearing a vibrant red or pink to add a bit of moisture to my lips. It’s a Lancome lipstick in the shade ‘Love it’. I have also started carrying around lipgloss, this one is from Smashbox and it was another present! I don’t really carry make up around with me and the odd time I do it would only be a bit of concealer or eyeliner. I see no point in carrying my entire make up bag around with me; it would just weigh me down!
My Bobble comes everywhere with me! Instead of buying bottled water I just fill this up from the tap and it filters the water as I drink it! This is my second one I have gone through, the first one got taken off me at an airport and I never thought of just downing it! Each filter lasts about 3 months and you can buy replacement ones for about €5 in lots of different colours.
Hand Sanitizer
Anyone who knows me would know that I am obsessed with having clean hands and I carry hand sanitizer everywhere with me! This one is my favourite and is from Bath & Body Works in the States. Before leaving at the end of the Summer I ensured I stocked up on enough to last me a long time! This one called Stress Relief, is my favourite because it smells so good compared to other hand sanitizers and it doesn’t have that alcohol smell that a lot of them have.
Hand cream
My hand cream is also from Bath & Body Works, it’s called Pink Chiffon and it makes my hands so soft. It has a strawberry scent and is filled with many nourishing ingredients to care for weather worn and dry hands.
My purse like my handbag is again Micheal Kors and I got it when I bought the bag. I really treated myself that day! But I couldn’t say no cause they were such good value compared to over here. I really love this purse and it has different zips and compartments to store all my cards and everything I need.
I’m a bit blind, so I always have my glasses in my handbag just in case!
Gloves and Headband
In the winter I always like to carry some cost accessories in case I get cold! This ruby red headband is from H & M and the gloves are from Penneys/Primark.

I would love to know what everyone, old and new followers think of this post? Would you like me to do a beauty/lifestyle post once a week in between my fashion ramblings? Please comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading J

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