Winner | New Handbag

I hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing Sunday! I am actually stuck in doors today catching up on college assignments, that’s what I get for leaving things to the last minute! In today’s post I am going to show you all a gorgeous navy quilted handbag. You might remember that a few weeks ago I did a post on what I won from my styling competition entry for the Scarlett Fashion’s Best January Bargains Competition. Well I actually received this handbag as part of the prize too and I am only delighted to share it with you lot!

 Usually I don’t really opt for navy handbags; I am always intrigued but usually back down and go for a safe black option instead. But I am learning that navy can just be as easy to style as your beloved little black bag. Plus navy is more appropriate for the Spring and upcoming Summer, it’s not as dark and dreary as black. It’s also an excuse to invest in a cute pair of navy heels or sandals for the approaching warmer months!
 I really must say that I can’t get over the quality of this bag! I really like the quilting on the front as I feel it adds something special. It looks like quite a small bag at first, but it is deceivingly big. It has so many little pockets and zips to file away all your essentials. You can’t really see in the pictures as it is dark, but it has a centre divider zip that is perfect for safely hiding away your purse and phone. I can’t wait to wear this over the next few months teamed with summer dresses and light denim.
What do you guys think of this bag? Will you be investing in navy over black for the Spring/Summer? Thanks to everyone for reading, please comment below and let me know all your thoughts! I love hearing them and always try to reply as soon as I can. If you want to stay up to date with all my latest post do feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin!

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