How to Style It | Denim Shirt

Welcome to the third instalment of my new blogging series “How to Style It” where I choose one staple item and show you some different ways to wear pieces you already have in your own wardrobe. My aim of this series is to inspire you to find new ways to style your favourite wardrobe staples!Read More »

Sneak Peak | The Nissan Next Generation UCD Fashion Show

Next Wednesday and Thursday we will see the launch of The Nissan Generation Next UCD Fashion Show. Yesterday I went down to the rehearsals and caught up with Andrea one of the head stylists for the show. I must say after having a little sneak peak today I can’t wait for it next Wednesday night! The theme for the night will be focusing around International Fashion Week with inspiration coming from six of the most stylish cities in the World, New York, Paris, Milan, London, Dublin and Sydney. Each city will be focusing on a key theme featuring both high end fashion and high street bargains. To give you a little taster, Milan will be including clean lines, structured tailored outfits with big hats reminiscent of the YSL spring/summer range from last year!Read More »

200 Follower Milestone | Happy Valentine’s Day and Thank You!

This is just a quick post to wish everyone a belated Happy Valentine’s Day and a thank you to everyone who reads my blog! Whether you are a new reader, follower or just stumbled upon my blog randomly I am grateful to all of you for taking the time to stop by! Last week I reached another milestone of 200 Bloglovin’ followers! This makes me really happy to know that people actually read this little blog and that maybe you find some inspiration from. And the fact that I haven’t even been blogging for 3 months yet makes this feat even sweeter! As another thank you to you all when I reach 300 followers I will be holding my first ever giveaway! So thank you for stopping by and feel free to follow me on one or many of the social networks I use to promote my little fashion world on the internet.

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Styling | Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration

Valentine ’s Day is only a few days away and mostly people either love it or hate it! Either way it’s a great excuse to dress up whether you are single or not. So today I have put together a few outfit inspirations and hopefully one of them will be fitting for whatever you are doing on the day. I have tried to make all three looks completely different, so hopefully there is something for everyone!Read More »

How To Style It | Statement Blouse

Welcome to the second installment of my new blogging series “How to Style It”. If you missed last week’s post on how to style a LBD you can check it out here. Today I am going to focus on the statement blouse as my staple item for the outfits I am going to create. Speaking for myself, I own countless amounts of blouses but I always feel myself reverting back to the same two or three that I always wear. You’ve probably seen them featured on here actually; I am always wearing my monochrome check blouse and Aztec print one. So today I am going to show you three different ways to wear your favourite statement blouse and hopefully it will give you inspiration for future outfits and looks on how to style what you already own.

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