Just to say Thank You and Merry Christmas

This is a post to say thank you to everyone who has supported me since I set up my blog just over a month ago! Initially I was terrified to start up something like this and share my life and love of fashion with the internet; it was something that was completely out of my comfort zone and new to me! But the support and kind words I have received have showed me that this risk was worth it and I am truly thankful and appreciative to all of you! Weather you follow me through Google Friends Connect (on the right of the page), Bloglovin’, Google +, Facebook or even just stumbled across my page randomly. I am grateful that you may have taken the time to read some of my posts or even leave a comment. It shows me that I’m not just blabbering on to myself but people actually read this and that means a lot! I really hope that you continue to follow what I do in the future and that more and more people will start reading and following this little space on the internet that I have!

Happy Christmas to everyone and thank you again!

I won’t say Happy New Year just yet as i am sure I will be blogging away in between J

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