What I Wore │Investment Jeans

I find that a good pair of jeans can be one of the hardest items of clothing to buy. They can be too long, too short, ill fitting, the list just goes on! That’s why an investment pair of jeans is something that every girl should own! Recently I decided that I was sick of buying cheap jeans that stretch out of shape after one wash. So I went on the hunt for a pair of investment jeans and I ended up with these faded skinnies from Miss Selfridge.

investment jeansThey were around €50 but were definitely worth it as I haven’t taken them off since! Compared to cheaper pairs I really think that these are great value as they will last much longer. Here I opted for a casual look and teamed them with this polka dot burgundy top from New Look. This top was around €15 and I picked it up about a month ago.
investment jeans
investment jeans
In my search I trawled through Topshop and River Island to name a few, but these were by far the best fitting and most flattering. Where do you guys shop for a decent pair of long lasting jeans? Does anyone order jeans online? I feel I always need to try them on first!
investment jeans

I also chopped my hair off and dyed it blonde! I’m still getting used to it, for me it’s very short! But change is good.

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